Oh to be perfect. Perfect hair. Perfect makeup. Perfect clothes. Perfect family. Perfect photos.

The hubs and me. Oh, yes I had purple/pink hair for a year.
The hubs and me.
Oh, yes I had purple/pink hair for a year.

I have wanted to start a blog and youtube channel for a few years. (maybe you have as well) Timing is everything to a certain extent so here I am posting the perfect post. Just kidding, I’m not kidding anyone. I think a lot of people actually get intimidated by putting themselves out in a vulnerable situation. Whether it’s music, acting, poetry or writing…it can be a bit nauseating. I know other people struggle with this issue since I have noticed so many webinars and classes for becoming a “successful blogger.” What is the measure of success??? Making money? Getting followers? Having a creative outlet? One thing that I see again and again is “be yourself.” That is one area that I am very comfortable in…being myself. I have never had a problem speaking my mind (yes, even when it’s awkward for others) and I really have always had confidence in myself. I’ve been on camera in movies and it didn’t phase me one bit. However, when it came down to really opening up to everyone about myself i got a sense of “stage fright.” So weird! I was second guessing EVERYTHING I was doing. I was looking at other blogs and noticing so many follow a pattern. I was stressing myself out about how to get these “perfect” photos and perfect images of my house and perfect looks. So I created what I thought was going to be a picture perfect plan of action for my blog. I had a schedule and I was ready for the task of getting these “perfect” images!

Until a visit with my sister…it was then that I realized, I don’t have the perfect house, hair, makeup, clothes and photos. & THAT is a great thing!!! I have hair that is unmanageable at times but I manage to get it to work. I have makeup that doesn’t always go as planned but I LOVE doing my makeup and it usually turns out OK. I don’t have the perfect clothes, but I have a style that I enjoy immensely and I think others will like. My home is does not have the best lighting and can seem small to me at times, but it’s so cozy. I absolutely love dressing up my girls and secretly wish I dressed like them. However, my girls are some of the hardest kids to get fake posed photos of. They do their own poses, they don’t do cheesey smiles, they rarely look at the camera,in group photos they are never looking at the same time.

Ellie is really fast...obviously
Ellie is really fast…obviously
Say "cheese" Londyn
Say “cheese” Londyn
She knows how to work it
She knows how to work it

If they are looking or smiling, just know that a lot of bribery went into that photo…and that’s perfect. My perfectly-IMPERFECT life and place…and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Typically when I say “smile” this is the end result. Why didn’t Londyn hook me up with some lipstick??!??
Just your everyday family photo. At least Arabella is smiling and looking at the same time.


After thinking and overthinking everything in my blog and vlog, I can finally be comfortable with perfectly-imperfect me and I hope you will always find the perfectly-imperfect you! xoxoxo

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