Race to Christmas…



Hi friends! I always feel like there is an overwhelming amount of things to complete in the month of December. I’m pretty sure that somehow I skipped November this year because I was just making Halloween costumes yesterday…or so it seems. But here we are less than 2 weeks before Christmas. I usually plan several Christmas crafts to do with the girls. This year is no different. I LOVE doing crafts with the girls, especially ones that become part of our Christmas decor for years to come. We put our tree up a little late this year (to me anyways). I like decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving. The tree is up but we do not have any presents under it yet. I have about half of my shopping done and bought special wrapping paper and colored tape instead of ribbon, but I really don’t want to battle a one year old on how NOT to unwrap presents early…I mean our tree already has a unique look this year. It’s the same tree as last year, but only the bottom half of it has had it’s lights strategically removed thanks to my one year old decorating specialist. She’s cute, which means she can get away with mostly anything right now. so I have to draw the line somewhere right?!?

The beginning of the end for our decorations
Well things started going well
Sometimes you have to decorate yourself
Big sissy, little sissy…oh my heart

This week I have a lot planned with the girls. We have cinnamon ornaments to create, cookies to bake, yearly night drive to look at Christmas lights w/hot cocoa, Santa faces to put together and our first annual Cruz family gingerbread house competition! I am so very excited that we are starting a new tradition. For our first competition we will be in two teams: Arabella & Daddy against Londyn & Mommy! Ellie sweet baby will enjoy getting as sticky as possible between all of the sugar that will be going around. I think I’ll put our competition on the vlog. I believe that new traditions with our girls will become strong happy memories as the years go on. I’ll definitely be trying to absorb the goodness of them enjoying the “battle!”

XOXO~ Melanie

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