Birth of a baby…Product & how to

birth of a product and how to become the best baby shower gift
The first professional photo shoot for Bebe Doos Perfect Ponies

After I first launched my product, Bebe Doos Perfect Ponies which turned into the most unique sought after baby shower gift. I was told (by almost everyone) “I wish I could create a product.” For me this idea was very simple I remember my sister had her baby over to visit with my oldest daughter and me.  Our oldest daughters were only 6 & 7 months old at the time. My daughter, Arabella, was born with enough hair that I could easily put it into pigtails by that age and her daughter, Laney, was bald and beautiful.  My sister had mentioned how she wished that Laney had pigtails as well.





(My videos will get better…promise! ;P )



My sister wished that her daughter had pigtails

A couple of days later I was at a grocery store and as I walked past their mini beauty isle I noticed a hairpiece on clearance. It was at that moment that I pictured it as pigtails for my niece. At the time I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to create them, but I knew the hairpiece would be a great starting point and I had a vision in my head of the end result. I immediately went to my parent’s house (because that was where my sister was with Laney). I got to work putting together what I thought would be a “joke” for my sister. When I was done making the original headband I put it on Laney, all of us instantly began to laugh and the craziest part to be was that even Laney LOVED it!  She was so little but would not stop smiling and giggling.

birth of a baby product the most unique baby shower gift
The first photo of Laney wearing the most unique baby product. This picture quickly became the face of the product!


Unique baby shower gift, baby girls baby headband, baby pigtails, baby hairstyles
Laney’s face that became the official logo for Bebe Doos Perfect Ponies


Later I would be told by many mothers and grandmothers that their babies acted the exact same way as Laney while wearing Bebe Doos Perfect Ponies. Customers were constantly telling me that it gives their babies a fun attitude. I truly believe this idea landed in my head on that particular day and was meant for me to invent it. I love sharing the my story as a first time stay-at-home mom turned naptime-work-at-home mom as an inventor and an entrepreneur to help inspire and encourage others to do the same. What started as a playful conversation that sparked an idea and turned into the most wanted baby shower gift has truly been an endlessly rewarding journey. This road to inventing from home has had it’s ups and downs and I am going to continue to share all the steps that got me from the start until now and beyond. I now know many short cuts and ways to get your new idea launched and lucrative without all of the so called errors that I made in the beginning.

I’ll post “what happened next” very soon. If you would like to contact me you can here:

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