Love 3 Years Long…Keeping love alive everyday beyond Valentines Day

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Oh February, the month of love. I prefer to love all year long. My man is the man of my dreams, but we have been guilty of going to bed and looking at our phones for an hour.  One of the worst habits if you ask me. I feel that we have an exceptional relationship, we communicate very well and always have each other’s best interest in mind. Still, I am never opposed so something that is fun and can create a conversations in the moment. We want to be keeping our love alive everyday.


One of my favorite things that I have ever purchased is: Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People. My sister told me about the 3 year journal and I call it “Our Love Book.” This journal is a game changer in my opinion. Although I don’t feel that we have ever had a problem having a conversation, this journal enhances the late night conversations we have. We keep the journal on our headboard and write in it before bed. Whoever goes first covers their answer so the other won’t see it. Then we read our answers together. We have the greatest discussions afterward. If you want to improve, enhance or just find more ways to have fun with your man, I highly recommend this book!

Since I knew I would love the first book, I knew I had to have another for my little loves

When I purchased the first Q&A journal for my husband and I, I came across the second journal: Q&A a Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal. I had to have this one as well. I currently write down Arabella and Londyn's answers in it. This will be a definite repeat purchase for me in the future so I can include Elora as well. I always ask the girls their questions separately so they do not influence each others answers and it gives us great one on one time. I have not been the greatest at keeping a journal in the past, but this one is so easy to keep up with!

This journal became sacred almost instantly. I already treasure these memories made just over the past couple of months. I can imagine myself as an elderly lady one day in my rocking chair with tears of joy in my eyes enjoying these journals.

These journals are such a great way to stay connected and reconnect with both your spouse and children. Keeping the love alive past Valentines Day.


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