Skin Clearing Charcoal Blackhead Painless Removing Mask – Smaller Pores, Brighter Skin

Shiny Mask = Tighter Skin

We have all seen the trendy charcoal masks, but have you tried one? Lately I have seen so many “failed” videos. That got me to thinking that there has to be a way to use it that does not feel like your have ripped off your skin with the mask. I figured out how to painlessly remove a charcoal mask while clearing my blackheads for brighter skin!

I did do my research. The reason these masks hurt so bad is because they both pull your skin as well as any small hair on your face. In my opinion you shouldn’t have hair on your face, so I am happy to remove it. I prepped my skin for this mask. Any facial hair was removed 2 days prior to applying. Of course there were tiny hairs left, but I figured out how to pull this mask off without the pain.

Normally, when you wax any part of your body you would remove the hair by ripping off the wax in the opposite direction from which it grows. So the trick to this mask is taking it off in the same direction as the hair grows. It also helps to hold your skin tight.






Watch the video to see how to remove the mask without all the hurt.


Overall It Was Awesome!

After watching the video, I hope you are not intimidated by the dreaded Charcoal Mask anymore.  If it is used correctly, it is awesome! Your skin will feel so fresh and tight. It is great for removing dead skin as well as cleaning out pores. My skin feels great!

Here is the mask that I chose:

AFY AIVOYE Suction Black Mask Deep Cleansing Face Mask

I like to thoroughly investigate any product I purchase before buying it. I chose this masked based on good reviews and the amount of reviews. It was a bonus that it was under $9.

If you do decide to try out the charcoal mask let me know what you think!

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