Plaliens Kickstarter has launched! Top Toy of 2017

Yay! Last week we launched the Kickstarter Campaign for our toy, Plaliens!  We had an amazing time filming the show The Toy Box and the response we’ve received has been incredible. I was truly ready for some positive and negative feedback on both our toy and our appearance. It was an amazing feeling when only positive messages came rolling in!

Just a Plalien and me!

Since filming the show we received hundreds of messages about the Plaliens and how to purchase them! We originally thought that the price point would be pretty high to have them manufactured in the US, but we did our work and found a great manufacturer. We were able to get the cost down to only $35.00 each! Our goal is to have a wonderful high quality product that everyone can enjoy. I am really excited that we hit that price point.

The Plaliens also have a story book. The story is a great way to get to know the Plaliens. It is really magical to take a peek into their world and find out why they have chosen to come to ours. Plus you will get to see some of the up coming characters!

We know that with your help the Plaliens can become a success! Our Kickstarter is on the count down so make your pledge today. We even have a quick turn around time! Your Plalien will arrive in October! Perfect for Christmas and birthday gift giving…or just for any occasion to love! Go get yours today!

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Go pledge for your Plalien today! Be a part of the making of Plaliens the top toy of 2017!!!

XOXOXO ~ Melanie Cruz

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A few of the Plaliens

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