Kickstarter Questions Answered for Plaliens

We are down to the last 2 weeks of our kickstarter campaign! YAY and YIKES all at the same time. I have received hundreds of messages wanting to purchase Plaliens. We created a kickstarter to bring these wonderful guys to life. Since starting our kickstarter, we’ve had several of the same concerns sent in.

In this video Danae and I want to clear up where the money is going as well as what happens to your money.


Please go to our kickstarter today! You will LOVE our Plaliens!…and so will your kids!

One more thing I would like to add. I did receive a few thoughts about the date of arrival of your Plaliens. I do understand that the delivery date is October and it’s a couple months away. Even though you will have to wait a couple of months, imagine how many months you would have to wait if our kickstarter isn’t funded…um, yeah…we don’t want to think about that time frame either. Together, let’s make Plaliens the top Christmas gift of 2017!

Thank you!

XOXOXO~ Melanie Cruz

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