The Most Clean Outdoor Summer Fun ~ Water Painting and Bubble Pool

Here are two super fun and super simple water “crafts!”

Water Painting!

Yep, it’s exactly as it sounds. Painting with water. My girls (especially Elora) love this. It’s perfect for those hot summer days when they want to be creative outdoors and you don’t feel like swimming.

It’s great because they can paint all over the ground and there is absolutely no clean up…it simply dries.

What you need:

A cup

A sponge brush or paint brush


Fill the cup with water and add a Summer lovin kid to start painting…easy peasy!

Water Flower (with a hint of water balloon)


The next water play is a Bubble Pool!

The secret: It’s just like a bubble bath, but outside in a pool with a swimsuit! Boom! Your kid gets cleaner while playing. I count it as a bath and if you do to I won’t judge. 🙂


A small pool (I got this one from Rite Aid for $15)

Dish soap

Water hose

What to Do:

Squirt some dish soap into the pool and add water….so simple I second guessed typing it.

Then you can throw in some cups and water toys. Watch the fun begin!!!

Elora likes scooping the bubbles onto her sponge and blowing them off.

Let me know what you think. Would you try these at your house?

XO~ Melanie Cruz

IG: @xomelaniecruz

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