Plaliens landed on ABC’s The Toy Box with Inventor Melanie Cruz

The Plaliens

Welcome to The Toy Box! I guess that’s what all toy inventors would love to hear. I am hoping that I hear it tomorrow night as the anticipation for the airing of my episode grows. It has been a crazy ride so far. From the casting of the show to the filming to the final product. I have yet to see the final outcome from the edit room, but I am beyond excited to see what happens with the final cut. Will I look like a hot mess?? will I look awesome?? Only a few hours until showtime.

My buddies
Londyn had a Plalien birthday party when she turned 3

The product is Plaliens. A plush playful and poseable alien sent here from Planet Plalien to launch your child’s imagination. These are the softest and most colorful little guys. What was once on our drawing board has now landed on ABC’s The Toy Box! My girls can’t get enough of them.


My girls can’t get enough of them.

If I need to find one for a pic, look no further than my kids…they are always with them.



For inquiries contact Melanie at

Preorders go to

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  1. Peyton Houghton

    Where can i buy one, and how much? I really want one!

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